About Us

In 2014, Goodness Foods was conceived and conceptualized by Cape Fresh Industries with an aim to provide value addition as well as offer a differentiation in the market.
Our aim is to become a one-stop shop that offers a wide range of food products. We want to be a food connoisseur’s delight with a delightful variety of fruits and vegetables, juices, dry fruits, groceries etc.
Over these years, Goodness Foods has successfully become a household name and has expanded from GCC to the African region as well. Our aim is to offer the widest range of qualitative food products thereby promoting good health. We bring to you food that you can trust. 

We, at Goodness Foods, have an ongoing commitment to prove the finest quality spices, juices, nuts, lentils, grains, flour, sugar etc. We hand-select the finest natural ingredients and strictly adhere to HACCP guidelines to ensure that you experience pure farm fresh goodness in all our products.
With 500+ products in our portfolio, we continue to strive for the development of new ranges and categories based on the market requirement.
This is because, at Goodness Foods, we believe in giving back goodness to customers!

Why Goodness Foods…?

At Goodness Foods, we ensure that we maintain high quality standards. After careful monitoring and sourcing of food, we also ensure that the products are in harmony with the environment.
Our products are carefully selected, roasted and flavored naturally, to offer you wholesome goodness.
We are strong advocates of the belief that everyone should have access to eating good quality food. Only then can a healthy life be possible.

In short, we have a passion for food. Real food. The aim is to make certain that the goodness of nature would land straight on your plate.

At all times, we believe in maintaining high standards of quality. Our products are fresh and offer wholesome goodness.
A large portion of our products fall in the fresh and ultra-fresh categories making them even more healthy and full of goodness.
Our Premium nuts range, rice range and egg-less cake premix products are extremely popular. We have carefully selected the flavors for our nuts range which makes it distinct from the other brands in the market.

Our Story – Time line of Product launch


At Goodness Foods, we want to produce premium quality products for our customers. We also believe in sharing and caring.

We love to give back to the society and over the years, have participated in several causes and events to spread goodness. That way, we support and give hope to the needy and the underprivileged. We try hard to contribute as much as we can for the wellbeing of the society.